i do not have a birthday gift for you this year

i was coming up to the checkout and the old lady in front of me had a crispy loaf of day old

bread and some bananas and her face was so thin i could see no tomorrows under her skin


Norma Kerby
Norma Kerby has been published in a range of journals, magazines, e-zines, and anthologies, most recently, the anthologies, "Heartwood" (League of Canadian Poets), 
"Another Dysfunctional Cancer Poem" (Mansfield Press), "(M)othering" (pending - Inanna Press), "Somewhere My Love" and "The Golden Oracle" (Subterranean Blue Poetry), 
and "Seed Dreams" (Writers North of 54), as well as the chapbook, "Shores of Haida Gwaii" (Big Pond Rumours Press). Her poetry appears in NationalPoetryMonth.ca 2020 Ode to the Small.