she carries garlic in her pockets

to protect against the small things

small things that make a big impact


microorganisms are pesky little creatures

you can be out for days with a cold or the flu

and you won't even know what hit you


she carries garlic in her pockets like love letters from

her ancestors – portable and practical protection magic –

but does it stop antisemitism knocking down the door?


cloves of garlic protecting against the small things

can be no match for the vampires of empire –

capitalism, white supremacy, cis-hetero-patriarchy


those big things, they can appear like small things

microaggressions wearing down bodies, depleting

immune function, dysregulating nervous systems


before you know it: a cold or the flu or a

chronic condition, supposedly out of nowhere

as empire violently attempts to erase all of us


and erase all traces of its violence upon us

but nothing is from nowhere

especially in diaspora


nothing like garlic to boost your immunity

so you're ready to fight in the streets

protect all your chosen families


nothing like a bowl of yukh

with lokshn, mer and knobl

to soothe a soul seasoned by struggle

freygl gertsovski is a queer, nonbinary multiply crip/mad, white settler Jewitch whose people are Ashkenasi from present-day Moldova. fae is a writer, artist, crafter, homesteader, and community organizer living, dreaming, working, co-creating, praying, and healing in Tkaronto (toronto). freygl has published 5 chapbooks of poetry in a series titled Growing Roots, Healing Wounds and has performed spoken word in Tkaronto (toronto), Metula (victoria), and elsewhere since 2012.. Faer poetry appears in 2020 Ode to the Small.