Litany Of Abuse

I forgot

That your language was like a sand sewn into my lips,

Cobwebbed into marrow —

My fossil memories.


Your words were furrows on my brow,

Blood extinct,

My pietas unhusked in a cliché.


I forgot too

How our bodies grimaced before my womb

became an eidolon of genesis —

And when by the final count,

we became the water that poured from your eyes.


Roisin Ní Neachtain is an emerging Irish poet and artist with Asperger’s. She was born in Geneva, Switzerland 
and briefly studied at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. 
She runs a blog featuring interviews with women artists and her work is in international private collections. 
She is currently working on her first collection of poetry. Her poetry appears in 2020 Ode to the Small.