Another morning,

Here I sit on the edge of my bed, naked.

My caregiver is brushing my skin, as I instructed her to do.

Whining, sobbing…I’ve had enough.

My body is stiff and sore, after a long, dark night.

I wait for everything to be over.


Ellie Klaus has lived different selves over several decades: daughter, wildlife biology graduate, vision quest traveler, family life educator, president (of her son's school committee), friend, confidante, lover, wife, mother, caregiver and now caregivee, if there is such a word. Each has contributed to a different perspective of living, of life. The pieces of the puzzle are evident and coming together, although the final image is yet to be revealed to her.  So, writing has reemerged for her as a creative endeavor to release some of the angst that arises from living a confined life, or any life for that matter, over the past ten years. Ellie's poetry appears in 2020 Ode to the Small