My Perfect In-Perfection
Inma BernilsMixed media on old book paper. 

lnma Bernils is an experimental poet, actress and vocal improviser. Her work is mainly scenic but she uses also collage, objects and other forms of poetry. Her work constitutes a poetic journey through the most varied registers. She uses words, sound, objects, voice, space and body to express herself. From the tragic to the comic. From the folkloric to the conceptual. Risk, play and commitment are part of her methodology, based on improvisation.  "My aim is to touch the listener/observer intimately and create an estrangement. To put them in front of a magnifying mirror and show them the most beautiful and the ugliest things." She is influenced by Dadaism, Fluxus, phonetic poetry, action art and physical theatre. Body, silence, childhood, amnesia, emptiness and memory are some of the themes she deals with in an intimate and visceral poetry, with philosophical overtones, inevitably political and feminist. "I invite the spectator to empty themselves and enter with me into a sacred space of ritual, catharsis and transformation. Women often come up to me and tell me that they have seen a state of mind put on stage that they didn't know how to name. This makes it possible for them to "click", it encourages them to express themselves. I'm interested in that, in giving voice to what can't be named and triggering a process". As a cultural activist she created the independent venue "Experimenta: Málaga", in her hometown. She organises poetry, performance and music events, such as the itinerant cycle "Experimental, dear Watson". She also gives individual and group workshops. She currently lives in Berlin. Inma's work appears in