I knew or was (la vocal eterna)
A l a s
if thes lips woul just
other ouths coul unfurl
an assemblag 
i member well

A l a s 
i resonated & reso
nate unco
a horror of onesel
begone wi thes loin

familiar un-familiar
& jus unfamiliar
thes fabric tears torn
itsel & a heavier 
tha nexpect ed accident
to begone wi thes loin

A h
forget thes bond will
be of pas rift
in a morrow wi
nothing bu vowels 
nothing   u   o   e 

Mimi Ramos Lebuffe

Mimi Ramos Lebuffe is a young queer poet with no fixed address originally from the Maritime provinces. Her experimental and concrete poems have appeared in magazines and zines such as Vallum and Pahkakuhtak. Mimi's poetry appears on NationalPoetryMonth.ca.