Matron of Doll Hospital – Collage on Water Color Paper
Carol White

Carol White

Carol White is an American collage artist living in Ireland.  She has been making collages since childhood.  Growing up in museums, both via her father's job and living in the metropolitan area, utilising imagery from arts and cultural histories, White's work has the feeling of time travel.  Merging contemporary imagery with Northern Renaissance interiors with figures, she evokes a nebulous feeling of peeling oneself from a colorful dream.


White has taught English at Secondary Level in Ohio, USA; was an AAM tour guide at The Newark Museum where she worked as Head of Junior Gallery and Junior Museum Department.  Museum Educator and teacher she transferred skills moving to Ireland with her husband and 2 children in 1987.


For the past 20 years, White taught at Further Education Level where she ran an Arts Administration course for 17 years and taught Art Appreciation, Collage Techniques and Communications.


A practicing collage artist, White has exhibited extensively in America,  the EU, Japan, Canada and Australia. Her work appears in Experiment-O Issue 8 and .