pokémon battle simulator

twenty turns in, and both cherubic monsters

(erstwhile they were called) undergo a magical


-girl transformation sequence but silently

and offscreen. for the convenience of mostly


dudes the engine is efficient. gender is determined

randomly or set like shiny colouration, which is sometimes subtle


unlike a fairy deathmatch. they alternate between inflicting

toxic damage and curing the same. one uses fire blast


like flaming was an adjective we heard in high school

but a verb online. calm mind boosts special stats


and moonblast runs on this trait. this year started on monday

so auspicious but not uncommon. how can i describe luck as anything


but a fuccboi? jayce says that being lucky is sometimes

a compliment and sometimes an indictment of your character.


a wish is a viable strategy in pokemon in the same way

any young iconoclast could write this poem.

Jenna Jarvis

Jenna Jarvis was born in Ottawa and lives in Kaohsiung. Her writing has appeared in Word and ColourSea Foam, Keep This Bag Away From Children, and other digital and print publications. Her poem "syndical not synecdochal" secured an honourable mention for the Puritan's 2014 Thomas Morton Prize. Her poetry appears on NationalPoetryMonth.ca